Sometimes I get too excited. Mostly I see it coming, but sometimes I deserve a slap.

Another underwater photographer and I had been talking for some time about photographing a rabbit fish at night, in the open sea. But every time we came across the fish, it would lay deep in the mud. At this night dive, my buddy had borrowed a scooter and we were just playing around with it in the darkness. Suddenly the fish appeared right in front of our eyes.

My buddy came to a full halt and I got my camera gear ready. The rabbit fish was already swimming away from us, and I thought to my self: “just a few images, then I will leave you alone”. I truly have the utmost respect for the creature at sea and was so ashamed of myself minutes later. The creature was still swimming away, and I tried to get around. We were completely at open waters, and I could no longer see the bottom.

I finally got its attention.

One shot. And then another.

And then, I had to get closer – why did I have to get closer? My subconscious was screaming at this point. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did it anyway. A few more shots. As it charged right at me, I swear my heart stopped beating as I screamed like a child. Click. Click. Click. Completely winded, I checked my gadgets to get an overview of my information. No harm done. But my hands would continue to shake.

And I was so, so ashamed.




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